Frequently Asked Questions

Revive I-70 is an Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) project to improve and expand I-70 in Wayne County from near Cambridge City to the Indiana/Ohio state line. The 20+ mile corridor the Project Team is studying stretches from west of the I-70/State Road 1 interchange to the I-70/US 40 interchange.

The Project Team is still evaluating needs and identifying possible solutions. The project is expected to include added travel lanes, interchange improvements, bridge improvements, pavement replacement and the replacement of drainage structures.

Specific improvements are still being identified. I-70 is currently four lanes, two in each direction. The Project Team is exploring the possibility of an additional lane in each direction between Cambridge City and Richmond for a total of three travel lanes in each direction. An additional 12-foot lane would be added to the current grass median.

Improvements are being investigated for the I-70 and US 40 interchange and the I-70 and US 35/Williamsburg Pike interchange. Modifications are likely to improve mobility and safety. Improvements will address weaving and merging issues.

Improvements are expected for the 40 bridges in the I-70 project area, including widening the bridges. Additional bridge improvements are being planned, including complete replacements, deck replacements, deck overlays and painting. Details of the improvements are being developed.

In addition to possible new travel lanes and bridge improvements, the project is expected to rehabilitate and replace culverts along the corridor and improve the stormwater drainage system. Lighting, signage, guardrails and barriers are expected to be updated.

Improving traffic flow, especially during peak travel times, is expected to reduce crashes along the corridor including rear-end crashes and crashes caused by improperly changing lanes and failing to yield. Two key interchanges are expected to be modified to improve safety, and the Project Team will evaluate loop ramps in the project area.

Most of the interchange ramps’ acceleration and deceleration lanes are narrow and no longer meet current design standards, and modifications will improve safety. Anticipated barriers will be placed and replaced in the median to reduce or eliminate crossover accidents. Pavement maintenance and replacement improve roadway and bridge conditions, minimizing the need for future repairs.

Increasing capacity and improving traffic flow is expected to make travel more efficient for motorists using the interstate, including the large number of trucks that use the corridor. The Project Team is also evaluating interchange modifications that will improve mobility for drivers. Improved efficiency will help meet INDOT’s goal of improving the movement of people and goods and strengthening regional connectivity.

Most of the anticipated work will occur in the existing right-of-way (ROW). However, some additional strips of ROW may be required. Less than five additional acres of permanent or temporary ROW is anticipated for the project. ROW is still being evaluated, but relocations are not anticipated and will be avoided if possible.

The Project Team will study historic properties and resources in the project area. The Section 106 process will include the identification of any historic properties impacted by the project and ways to avoid, minimize or mitigate any adverse effects.

Construction is expected to begin in late 2024. Duration will depend on project development, construction phasing and future funding. The project could be broken into multiple contracts for construction. The winning bidder(s) of the expected design-build contract(s) will complete final design and construction.

A design-build construction contract allows the final design and construction phases of a project to overlap, which can accelerate the project timeline.

Revive I-70 is currently in the environmental analysis and preliminary design stage with specific improvements being identified. Throughout project development, the Project Team will coordinate with local, state and federal officials.

The Project Team will perform a noise study to evaluate the impact of the additional travel lanes and the need for noise abatement measures. Measures identified as reasonable and feasible under INDOT’s Noise Policy may be included in the project’s construction plans. Added noise barriers could impact needed right-of-way for the project.

The Project Team is developing maintenance of traffic plans to move traffic through the area during construction. This will involve coordination with first responders, local school districts and community leaders. During construction, I-70 is expected to remain open to at least two lanes of traffic in each direction during peak travel times. Temporary closures may be needed for some interchange modifications.

Interested parties can subscribe to email updates on the project website, ReviveI70. or text “INDOT Revive I70” to 468311 for text message updates. For social media updates, follow Revive I-70 on Facebook and Twitter.

INDOT is the owner of the project and Parsons Corp. is the lead project development and design firm. To connect with the Project Team, reference the Revive I-70 project when visiting, calling INDOT at 855-INDOT4U (855-463-6848) or emailing